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Camera Bags for Sale

I have recently purchased the last bag I will ever need, the Bug Out Bag by Sal Cincotta (my favorite photographer).  Therefore, I have A LOT of bags I have used in the past and don’t need anymore.  They are great bags, but since I kept changing my gear, I needed a bag that worked with all my sessions and all my equipment.  All are in good condition.  Email me if interested in any of them.  contact [ at ] meeshphotography.com. 
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Back from Maternity Leave

It’s been a long couple of months since I have taken my maternity leave. I had to take leave earlier than expected due to being so sick while being pregnant.  Now my baby girl #2 is here (pictured and photographed by Photography by Regina Marie) and she’s incredible!  I’ve decided to return to my camera at the end of September and I’ve already almost filled my calendar through November, which is pretty exciting!  I’m also excited to be shooting with my new baby…my new canon 5d mark IV!  
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Laugh…the world needs it.

Hello all!  Welcome to the Meesh Photography blog.  This blog won’t only have posts about photography but also just uplifting and funny things I have found around the internet.  I mean, seriously…with the way the world is right now, we need a little laughter and positivity right?  I’ll be posting session behind the scenes, some new music, videos and all sorts of things.  It will help you get to know me a little bit better too.  Anyway, here is what made me laugh a while back, and everytime I re-watch it still has the same effect.  Gotta love Chris Pratt on Ellen.