Southern California Based Photographer

Michelle Hoffman

My name is Michelle but you can call me Meesh. I’ve been a professional photographer for about 7 years now and I am loving every minute of it!  I have always had the “art” brain. Always see pictures as a way of remembering. This sparked my interest in photography when I was at a young age.  I loved taking my film camera outside and capturing nature.  I stayed with my love of art though college and received my degree in Web Design/Multimedia.  When i got married and researched wedding photographers I became fascinated with photojournalism.  I then took workshops to improve my craft and started shooting weddings shortly after.  My newborn and family photography really took off after my first daughter was born. Now having 2 kids I have a striving business photographing all the important moments in life.  From weddings to pregnancies, to newborns and families. I love the thought of freezing time and making something that will tell the history and story of a family.

It is an honor and joy to meet so many couples and families and I look forward to working with you!